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My Passion

My name is Raymond. Kal is my foreign name if you are curious about what “KAL Films” actually stands for. It was 4 years ago when I got my first dslr camera. I wasn’t too interested about the still image function but I was amazed by the video quality that the Canon T2i produced. I began to take video with it just for fun until I upgraded to the full frame Canon 6D 2 years ago. I upgraded my camera mainly because my best friend had asked me to be her wedding videographer and I really wanted to give her the best result. It turned out pretty good. It didn’t disappoint me and my friend loved it. More importantly, I’ve finally found something that I liked to film the most - wedding. A wedding event combines love, emotion, beautiful people and scene, warmness and happiness. What not to like if all I need to do is to capture all those good stuffs? What can be more fun than shooting all day with my most favorite toy – other people usually call it a dslr camera. My 6D is still my number one toy although I have thrown in a Canon 70D and a couple of the compact mirrorless systems in my toy basket. It’s my videography history and that’s how KAL Films wedding videography began.

KAL, 2014

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